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the team

Chris Ross is the main author of ferite. But as with any project of stature there are others that have contributed to it's development in various ways.

These are the core people that brought ferite to you.
  • Chris Ross [] (a.k.a boris, ctr) - creator of ferite, main coder, project manager, and all round general nice guy.
  • Evan Webb [] (a.k.a ntropy) - does a load of development for ferite. You have him to thank for the cunning array code that you use (he didn't like boris's code)
  • Stephan Engström (a.k.a stephan, sem) - Sys module, various internal work including optimisation of the engine
  • Alex Holden (a.k.a holden) - Sys module work and other random fixes.
We would like to send a big thanks to the following for their contributions to ferite: If you feel you should be on here for some reason - shout, it's probably because boris messed up. We would also like to thank #e/#gah for putting up with us.
ferite et al © 2000-2004, Chris Ross