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ferite is a scripting language and engine all in one managable chunk. It is designed to be easily extended in terms of API, and to be used within other applications making them more configurable and useful to the end user. It has a syntax similiar to a number of other langauges but remains clean and it's own language.

It's origins are from one of those "it seems like a good idea", the good idea was provoked by finding perl a real pain in the arse to embed (from what I gather it's easier nowadays). It started in the summer of 2000 (with various tries and fails within the pre-ceding two years). It is slowly maturing and should be fit for general consumption by the first quarter of 2003, by which point we start to add more exotic features.

ferite is the fault of Chris Ross.

mission statement

Even though ferite started out as a pet project it has slowly evolved into a powerful engine that is useful and applicable to a lot of areas. There are just a few very strong goals that will be followed: a cross platform clean usable language, clean interaction with the native world and good support for existing and up and coming standards.
ferite et al © 2000-2004, Chris Ross