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You can obtain ferite in a number of different ways - source or cvs. There are currently no distribution pacakges - but if you are willing to place a little time aside to help with them - it would be graciously accepted.


Before you can compile ferite you will need to install pcre - version 3.4 is known to work well. For those of you wanting to use debian there are pacakges availible (libpcre3 and libpcre3-dev - you will need both of them)

Source can be obtained from here. The current version is 0.99.6. There is also a mirror here but please use the first download site if possible. Version 0.99.5 can be found in the FreeBSD ports tree (FreeBSD takes about a week to catch up).


To obtain cvs source is very simple - you will require all the latest tool such as autoconf, automake and libtool. To check out cvs issue the following commands: (just press enter at the login prompt)

   cvs login

   cvs -z3 co ferite

If you are also interested within the mod_ferite module - just add mod_ferite to the second line above.

For those of you with cvs already just change directory into the top level source tree (where configure is) and run:

   cvs -z3 update -Pd

This will download and patch all changed files, download new files, but it wotn touch any files you hae changed - this is the highly recommended method for people that are developing against ferite.

CVS tends to change rapidly - but it should always compile (although some parts may be less than functional or correct). If you are not interested in trying development software it is strongly advised that you do use CVS.

You can browse the cvs tree by clicking here.

Nightly CVS Snapshot

This can be obtained from here, Warning: this is SourceForge's nightly tarball (or daily snapshot - the nomenclature is inconsistent) of the entire repository. That means full CVS history on every file, Attic, the lot; it's a complete backup. As of November '04 the ferite-cvsroot.tar.gz file weighs in at 5MB and is only going to get bigger with time. Not recommended for the faint of heart.
ferite et al © 2000-2004, Chris Ross