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old news

July 2nd 2002 feature freeze
    ferite 0.99.5 will be released at the end of this week, cvs represents the current state of affairs and only bug fixes will be changed. Just to let you know.
June 7th 2002 still alive
    We are still alive, bug fixing and keeping things tidy. We should be have a release for you soon. Expect nice things. ferite is much more real than before, other releases look like technology demos compared to the current code base. In other words, we are all very happy with the way it has progressed!
April 23rd 2002 providor change
    Due to issues the site was down for a short while because of dns changing. We also changed the box the site is hosted on at the same time. Sorry for the issues.
April 18th 2002 toys
    ferite cvs is coming along very nicely with various toys being developed to make it even more powerfull than a very powerfull thing. Like a medium sized pony, or a tractor. But enough, what are these features? Multi threading - ferite can run multiple scripts within the same engine, and also run multiple threads per script. There is a thread class, atomic variables and methods [these give the ability to have critical sections, and also have variables where all operations done on them are atomic!]. Writing a threaded script is ever so simple - simply inherit from the Thread class and implement a run() method. See here for the example. Ferite can also store binary data in strings - which makes processing of data easier. There is a new range operator allowing for manipulation, and the "->" operator has been removed. The underlying API has been cleaned up, bugs fixed and all in all ferite is moving along nicely. There is a stream framework in the pipeline and the modules are being cleaned up. 0.99.5 is going to be a very big release and quite exciting :).

    I just want to thank ntropy and Stephan Engström for their continual help.
March 6th 2002 marching along slowly
    Work is going along, but a bit slow at the minute due to real world commitments - things should pick up in week or two. On another note, if you want to link to you can use the image on the left, and use the code:

    <a href=""><img border=0 src="" alt="ferite language"></a>
February 8th 2002 still alive
    Work is still happening quietly in the background, there is new faster array code in cvs - which reduces memory overhead aswell, there is a new module system that is about 1000% more flexible and uses less memory. Things are progressing nicely and I am sure there will be a release at somepoint in the future - sooner rather than later.
January 13th 2002 ferite in debian unstable
    You can now get ferite using apt. To play do: apt-get install ferite. Have fun :)
January 9th 2002 ferite 0.99.4 has been released.
    This has a number of features and in summary:

    "Cleaner and better native side API, builder enhancements, new library loader system, module changes, new: ipc, reflection, speech, improved: file, string and system modules. Enhancements to the language including array initialisers, switch statement, the ability to assign initial values to global, class and namespace variables. ANSI C clean ups, and a number of critical fixes within the compiler and the executor. There are also hundreds of little fixes making this a much cleaner and stable release than before."

    This release is a highly recommend release - it provides a much cleaner system and should be alot more usable. Go fetch it off the downloads page.
January 8th 2002 happy new year, release soon
    Happy Belated New Year - things have been happening and happening fast. Development has slowed to bug fixing and clean ups to make cvs more releasable. This should be occuring soon (later than I wanted but hey thats life). 0.99.4 will be a much more solid release than before with more API, greater stability, more goodies, less dependancy hell. It also will allow a sync in api on the native side of things allowing applications to be using either cvs or release ferite and not worry :).

    If you find any serious bugs in cvs please let us know.

    Thanks, Chris Ross.
December 29th 2001 - syntax files for editors, development update, new document
    I have added two syntax hi-light files for you to download. The first is for vim it can be found here and was created by ymer. The second is for Kate and it can be found here, and was create by myself.

    Development has been progressing nicely with bigger and better string, file, reflection and system modules, compiler fixes, source clean ups, more flexibility, memory usage and tweaking abilities, switch statement, plus a whole host of other goodies. Please check out the ChangeLog. We are now preparing to go for the 0.99.4 release of ferite.

    For those of you wanting to use ferite in your application please see the document that is on the developer's page - this should give you a good base point to start.
November 18th 2001 - module generator updated
    I have updated the tool - this fixes some issues with the .fec file being modified and builder rebuilding it. You can grab a copy here here. Please read the README file in the package.
November 17th 2001 - another tool to help developers
    I have create a tool that will take a .fec file and generate a tarball so that it can be distributed and installed on other systems. It's new and probably breaks all over the place, but you can grab a copy here here. Please read the README file in the package.
November 15th 2001 - ferite 0.99.3 has been released.
    This has a number of features and in summary:

    "More documentation, variable argument lists, autoload methods in classes, runtime script inclusion, memory leak fixes along with a few other bug fixes, cleaner build system.."

    You can get this from the downloads page. The main motivation for this quick release was to get the new powerful features out into the field. The next release will probably be futher away.
November 14th 2001 - ferite in FreeBSD ports tree
    ferite has made it into the FreeBSD Ports Tree. Go see the link for information. There is also a darwin port in progress by ntropy.
November 13th 2001 - Known Issues and Example Code
    There are known issues with the 0.99.2 release of ferite. This is due to the build system and will give you grief unless you have ferite previoulsy installed. There are two options, 1 Install cvs - the instructions are on the downloads page, 2 Wait for 0.99.3 which should be out at the end of the week. We do apologise for the mess up.

    On the other side several features have been added to CVS, an preliminary include() operator to allow for dynamic inclusion of other scripts, autoloading of methods - this allows you to specify a method to be called in a class when the function being called doesn't exist, and variable argument lists.
November 12th 2001 - ferite 0.99.2 has been released.
    This has a number of features and in summary:

    "Hexadecimal numbers have been added to the compiler, The operators left and right shift, bitwise or, and and xor have been added, as well as unary '+' and '-' operators. This release has much better support for Solaris and other unices, a regex /e modfier, additions to the builder application to allow for better modules, more documentation (and converted to SGML), and cleaner C / Macro namespace to avoid conflicts with applications. Some existing operators have been cleaned up."

    You can get this from the downloads page.
ferite et al © 2000-2004, Chris Ross