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Almost everything written in ferite is an expression - they are the building blocks of a program - they are combined to build other expressions which are in turned used in others using operators. Expressions are built up using various operators, variables and other expressions, an example being say that adding of numbers, or creating an instance of a new object. Expressions are made clearer when discussing operators as these are what are used to build them.

Truth Values

What constitues a truth value?

  • A number that is not zero is considered as true, this also means that negative values are also true. It has to be noted that if a number has switched into real format it is never likely to be considered false. Currently ferite deals with this by binding false to the range 0.00001 (NB. This is likely to change later).

  • A string that has zero characters is considered false, otherwise it's true.

  • An array with no elements is false, otherwise is considered true.

  • An object is considered to be false if it doesn't reference any instantiated object.

  • A void variable can't be true.

There are currently two keywords that can be used 'true' and 'false' these are of type number.

    number shouldKeepDoingThings = true;

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